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January 31, 2016

Book Review: The Martian by Andy Weiner

Today, one of our wonderful club members, Arzoo Naqvi is taking over the blog to talk about her FAV sci-fi read, The Martian. Here's what she has to say about this thrilling adventure:

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The Martian is a thrilling sci-fi novel with a hearty dose of Humour written by Andy Weir, a genius.
Our hero, Mark Watney, is one of the first few people to walk on Mars and would possibly be the first one to die on the planet after his crewmates abandon him post a dust storm presuming him dead. Fortunately, the injuries were minor. Mark had to struggle with an extremely foreign territory, chances of starvation and possible death due to lack of oxygen.
Mark, a badass botanist, has to grow four years of vegetation on a planet where nothing grows.
He's smart, intellectual and funny. He has an unbreakable, unshakable, unmovable will of coming back to Earth.

The Martian is known to be a cross between Cast Away and Apollo 13. Well, it only takes a genius to produce their baby and Andy Weir did all his research, maths and science calculations by himself.
He did not have any acquaintances from NASA. It was only after the release of this book he made friends with a lot of smart people from NASA and elsewhere. The book was first self-published online by the author, it gained massive popularity once Crown publications decided to publish its physical copies in paperbacks and hardbacks.
Just when you thought sci-fi was about to die, The Martian was all over the internet and everybody was talking about it.

We all need to be like Mark. Everybody needs a Mark Watney in their lives.
He knows how to handle situations under (literally) high pressure. It was worth the hype.
The book gets a little too intellectual sometimes for an average person but it's all right. It's fun. Sometimes it feels as if the reader is reading somebody's blog. Mark is so hilarious that sometimes you'd need to put your book down and have a hearty laugh about what you just read.
Every calamity is briefly mentioned in the book but how Mark overcomes those rough times is described in a better fashion. The writing is simple.
I cried in the end. It was so overwhelming.

What are your fav sci-fi reads?
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