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January 19, 2016


 GENRE: Sci-fi, Young Adult, Dystopia
All Our Yesterdays, is a sci-fi novel mainly based on the concept of time travel. To say that the concept was stunningly executed, is an understatement. It was not just the concept, but the plot, the characters and the writing also, equally contributed to the book's success in being the best sci-fi book.
To begin with, let me talk about the plot. Without revealing much, this book revolves around Em, who is currently held captive by Doctor who is ruining this world one by one. When one day, Em finds a note saying she has to complete a final instruction in the note, she finds herself fighting against the Doctor, and killing her one and only love. I am not a big fan of romance, and I never even look towards sci-fi novels, and when I find a book with romance AND sc-fi together, I knew I shouldn't pick it up. But I did. And, boy was I surprised! I literally breathed the book, taking everything like wind. Writing a proper review is still very difficult for me, because I'm still inside that book, and I refuse to come out of this.
The characters of this book were mind-blowing. The protagonist Em living in the future, is everything from badass to caring. She is definitely my favorite literary hero. On the other hand, Em's past self, Marina, is a very different, though not opposite of Em. Like every other girl, who cares about her looks, and wants to fall in love with the perfect guy, Marina is everything Em is not. But, what is strikingly similar about them is their caring nature, their love, and their strong personality. The male leads, James and Finn, love interests of Marina and Em, respectively, are pure awesomeness. And what is strangely beautiful, is the love triangle which seems to grow out their their relationships.
“I've been scared of so much stupid crap in my life. Making a bad grade or not fitting in. God, I was scared of you. And it was all such a waste. None of it matters now that the real scary shit is here.”
Lastly, what stood out for me is the writing. No matter how great a plot is, and how striking the characters, what binds a story together is its writing. I often find myself bored when the writing is not good. and if the writing is good, I'll love it no matter what the story is like. In this case, the writing was so good, that it was a cherry on the top, for such a powerful story and such amazing characters. Cristin Terrill writes beautifully, yet powerfully. It makes a lasting impact, and even when the story ends, you'll find yourself wanting for more.
“The truth is, the world is a f*cked up place sometimes.”
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