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June 28, 2016

Book Review: The Lovers Dictionary by David Levithan

When I first saw this book at the used bookstore, I realized that I'd seen it around on Bookstagram. I didn't know what it was about, I usually don't know what the books I'm going to read are about since I love diving into the unknown. But I didn't want to buy a book I wouldn't enjoy, so I decided to read a couple of pages in the store while bae scourged the piles of dusted books for something I'd like.

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 As soon as I read the first few pages I knew that this book was a keeper. I knew that I would from time to time flip pages and read out randomly from it. That some definitions would stay with me, that some would make me want to flip the book in the middle of the night to read precisely what's written. It's a quick read, an hour/ an hour and a half tops. What I love about it is how the author has given us the story of two unnamed characters through different definitions, different phases of a relationship. Each page has one word, and a random snippet of the relationship that fits the definition of that word. Some definitions are one line long, some a paragraph and others a page long. The book literally is written in a dictionary form.

The author has turned the mundane moments into something you'd yearn for yourself in future. The comfort of being around someone you love. The nasty truth behind happily ever afters which isn't all roses but a lot of thorns. A lot of self-doubts, insecurity. Jealousy. A lot of being sure just to become unsure again. Of how the fights are continuous. But also of how you have somebody to share morning kisses with, or start your day with champagne cause why the hell not? It's the mundane beauty of relationship conceived from the first flirty dates to the cozy nights spent in each other's embrace. 
A very cute & adorable story of most relationships.

Have you read The Lover's Dictionary? Did you like it?

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