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March 26, 2016


Genre: Historical fiction, Contemporary, Indian 

There are rarely any books which grips your from within and just breaks you into a million prices and yet you smile by the end. The Lowland is that rarity; it is that gem which everyone should read at least once in their lives and live it. It gives you lessons no textbook can give, love equal to what our parents give and life that nothing in this world can give.

The Lowland tells the story Subhash and Udayan, two brothers who are alike from outside but far different from inside. While Subhash believes in his future which is as ordinary as a life can be, whereas Udayan lives for a future which will make every life better in Kolkata. Both of them, when faced with reality chooses their own path. But Udayan, amidst of his wild life, gets killed, Subhash's dream of an ordinary life dies with Udayan.

This is a story which will neither grab everyone's attention, nor maintain it. This book will be easily forgotten, of you do not pay attention to it. But once you read it, out will never leave you. It will affect you and it daily life. As an Indian, I often wonder about my future, and reading this book makes me wonder if it's as bright as it seems. Although set in a time way before my birth, I strongly believe, most of the events might still be relevant in present times. Often, we forget what's more important and what's right and take decisions without thinking about its impact on our future.

The Lowland, in its essence, gives an important emphasis on what the future is like. It's never like what we think about. The ones we love leave us, the ones we live for stop trying. It's a cycle of love and disappointment, and this book proves that to us beautifully.

I don't know if this review in any way justifies the way how I felt about this book. But, pick it up. This won't disappoint you! 


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