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March 09, 2016

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Genre: Romance, Adult Fiction, Fiction

Romance is the only genre where I’m not open to experiments. I read the books which has a lot of hype, or whose blurb strikes as different. If I Stay by Gayle Forman is one of the few which actually made to the list of my top favorite romance reads. And now, I’m quite happy to say that Me Before You made into that list as well. To find such a heart warming love story is actually making me believe in romance again.
There were two reasons why I picked out up. First, I recently saw the trailer of the movie adaptation and without even having known anything about the story, I was intrigued. Secondly, the hype around it was too much to bear! The book was actually attracting me towards it. I couldn’t sit around for another sign, and so when the trailer released, I thought it was time.
And boy was I stumped! I had started only the first chapter and and before I knew, I was reading the 8th one. It took me exactly a day and a half to complete this book.
I had a lot of thoughts while reading the book. The issue addressed here is a very delicate one. But Jojo Moyes treated with equal parts of humor, love and reality. More than the actual story, what really struck me was how Jojo Moyes managed to pick up the topic and create a story with such precision and quality. The ending was real. So real, that I found myself crying but actually feeling satisfied. I cringed every time, something happened to Will. It’s always like the end is near. Despite how it ended, for me, it was a happy one. Everyone accepted his decision by the end and that’s what counts.
Another aspect which struck me was the characters and their roles. Every character had some important role to play in the manner the book was to end. No character seemed useless. I couldn’t get around to the question that how an author could write with such details and not go wrong anywhere.
Needless to say, her writing is beautiful. So beautiful that it is difficult to concentrate on the world around and carry on with our existence. With her book, it’s difficult to even think that we have a life.
I am so impressed with this book that I’m afraid to read it’s sequel. Often good books fail to give a good aftermath of the actual story. And that is exactly why I never pick up a sequel to a book on which everything ended perfectly. The next book can ruin anything or can just glorify it. At this point, I’m not sure if I’m ready to give it a try!

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