October 29, 2015

November Read-along

Hellooo people of the book world!
As you guys already know, we'll be reading only ONE book in November because, exams.
We asked you guys  to vote for the book you'd like to read with us and after a week of voting, the result was a TIE between Me Before You and Ready Player One.

Since Goodreads was acting weird and wasn't letting us create a new poll, we ended up having a tie-breaker-face-off-poll for 24 hours on Instagram and it's time for the result,
Behold, this November we are going to read
*drum rolls*

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. 
The fictional Fortress is taking a detour to the future and you're are very much invited.

FicFort Notes:
1. Make sure to tag your progress, comments anything related to this read on social medias with #ficfortressreads.

2. Some accounts will be featured on our IG through the month. Only criteria, use the tag.

3. Keep a look-out for the pre-discussion thread on Goodreads, cause that thread is gonna come in handy to: find a buddy for buddy reading, *if* there are any book deals, you'll be informed. Also, if we find e-books, those will be given away.

4. Spread the word!

Happy Ready Soldiers!

Are you joining us for the November Read-along?

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