August 03, 2016

July Wrap Up: #MugglesToWizards Part Two

Our two month Potter extravaganza finally ended just in time to pick up Cursed Child. We are overwhelmed by your support and love. Thank you for taking this journey with us. All your posts, messages, and giveaway entries made our June and July extremely special.

Here's what unraveled in July, we read the last three books, watched remaining movies and peeled our eyes for the release of Cursed Child!

TBR for July

Some more pretty Potter art and pictures 
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The last lap plus Potter and Queen Rowling's Birthdays

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The End

47 days, 174 hours (Yes, I count) ๐Ÿ™Š, 3422 pages and COUNTLESS EMOTIONS later, I FINALLY FINISHED HARRY POTTER SERIES. . . . I always used to think that being an old soul I would never appreciate these books as they are loved and appreciated by others. I mean, it's about magic. And what will be exciting about some students learning magic. But what I didn't understand as an HP virgin that a bit of magic is needed in your life. . . . I deeply regret not giving this series a chance before and I apologize for watching the films first and spoiling myself for so many things. . . . Having said that, I won't pass the opportunity to say that I am so OVERWHELMED by this ride. It truly feels like I've converted from a Muggle to a Wizard. . . . I always say that for me a good book is that, that makes you feel, evoke emotions and Harry Potter did exactly that. You get attached to characters, cry over the death of the most inconsequential person, laugh when they laugh and feel elated when the characters do. . . . I wish I can go back to my 11 year old self. I wish I get the Hogwarts letter and I wish every person reads these books because not only the people in this series grow, you do to. . . . I'm so overflowed with emotions that forming anything coherent is difficult for me right now. . . . To everyone who took part in #MugglesToWizards I'm really thankful that you joined me in this journey because I wouldn't have done this alone. . . . Ps. BRING ON ALL THE TUMBLRS AND REDDITS NOW . . . . . #MugglesToWizards #HarryPotterReadathon #JKRowling #SorcerersStone #ChamberOfSecrets #PrizonerOfAzkaban #GobletOfFire #OrderOfPheonix #HalfBloodPrince #DeathlyHallows #DelhiBookstagrammer #BookstagramIndia #BookPhotograpghy #BookstagramIndiaFeature #BooksOfInstagram #Potterhead #BookstagrammerOfDelhi #IncorrigibleReviews
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I started reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on the 4th of June, and boy have I come a long way! From No. 4, Privet Drive to Godric's Hollow, from that time at the zoo with the snake to the dragon at Gringotts, from Butterbeer to Polyjuice Potion, from Wingardium Leviosa to Expelliarmus, and from being a muggle to finally a wizard I have had the most fun being a part of this beautiful piece of literature. J K Rowling dedicates the seventh part of the dedication of the seventh book to all those who stayed with Harry until the very end. Well yes, it's been a pleasure being there for the book just as much as the book has been there for me. And I say thanks to you Queen Rowling for making us feel human enough to be able to love something so much. To make us believe that we have a little more love in us and that we are just as human as Harry is, to your beautiful words that made us feel so much that we might have shed some tears in the process, and to everytime you taught us something new by giving Albus Dumbledore a voice like no other. Thank you so much for introducing me to my new favorite fictional female Hermione, to redefine the bonds of family with the Weasley family and to help us understand that we don't always have to be tied by blood relationships to make that extra effort for some one. All of this will stay with us till the very end because isn't the whole point of it all to be a better, braver, kinder version of ourselves? ๐Ÿ˜Š A huge thanks to @fictionalfortress for making this journey even more fun with their amazing readathon #mugglestowizards. ๐Ÿ’ž #brunchbookchallenge #thefinchbook #igreads #bookstagramfeature #connectreaders #bookstagramindia #shelvesquest #2016readingchallenge #bookriot #readharderchallenge #booknerdigans #prettycovers #jkrowling #harrypotter #bloomsburyindia #Bookstagram #shelfjoy #bookstagramindiafeature #indiansread #booklove #youngadultfiction #bookishfeatures
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Ended our readathon with Cursed Child release party

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We hope you guys enjoyed as much as we did. Thank you, thank you for joining us!

And All Was Well.

P.S: Join us as we take on the genre Historic Fiction, this August. Details here.

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