August 15, 2015

Welcome to Fictional Fortress

Hello there, book people!

Yes, yes, yet another book club. Why though? You may ask. Why another one?
Aren't there enough already?

What do we say to that? Of course not. No such thing as too many books or too many book clubs.

We've started this club as a platform, a medium to connect Indian readers with foreign authors and introduce the world to the beauty that Indian literature is.

Indian literature is very underrated, and we're making it our mission to promote it to as many readers as we can, one book a month. Actually, make that two.

Every month, we're going to discuss two books, one by an Indian author and another non-Indian author.

We hope to make our club a place; a bazaar; a one stop to quench your never ending reading thirst. Include movies and TV show recs too, because, why not?

Get ready to add crazy load of books to your already overflowing TBR (book nerd probs, we understand) and for an even crazier journey as we set to crush our TBR.

Read some poetic, lyrical, thought-provoking books (also books with monsters, dragons, cyborgs yada yada. Read YA!) over coffee/hot chocolate/chai with like-minded people.

On this blog, we plan to review all things bookish, and keep you updated with what's new in your fandom. Oh and did we mention giveaways? Lot's of those too.

It's going be one hell of a book nerd army where we'll-
Breath books
Drink Literature

Welcome to Fictional Fortress, Milords and Miladies!

Somdyuti, Nivedita, Shonazee and Varsha.

Curious about us? Click here.

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